My Priceless Heart

My Priceless Heart

They come to kill my heart
The only heart that I own

They try to stab it
Try to grab it
Try lacerate mine

I am here
Not moving
And stand hardly

They stabbed me
So painful
Bleeding and suffering

They thought they succeed
But the truth is
 they failed even to touch my heart
How weak they are

They should remember
"My heart is not for a weak one"

That is how I protect mine
And I know 'he' is doing better than me

( Who is 'he' ? )

Allah still keeps 'him' as His secret
 I know
He only gives me the best among the best
That is why
I learn to worry nothing at all

( So please, stop asking me )

Just keep waiting for him patiently
Take care of my priceless heart 
the best I ever could
and put all my trust on Allah

Oh The Almighty
Please protect his heart
and mine
I believe
You always do hear my prayer

Ya rabbal alameen
When the time comes
I want to say
"Assalamualaikum my love, this priceless heart is now yours"

Originally from,
Sara Assyahidah
18 November 2011 (Friday)
12.50 am

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